Individual & Group Coaching

Coaching with Pivot Point is a thought-provoking and creative process that helps inspire you and unlock your potential. You may have a specific issue in mind, but we will dig deeper to discover what's holding you back personally and professionally.

Our coaching focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change while building your skills to face life's challenges. It leaves you set up for greater long-term success with an ability to self-correct and adapt to new situations. Coaching can be done in-person or remotely, and works in both 1-on-1 and group settings.

Leadership Development

Pivot Point can work with you to create customized leadership development and training programs that will help you save time and money, and can boost team morale. We specialize in helping you define the culture that you want to have and helping you create meaningful activities that support your goals.

While we have a range of programs that have been developed for our clients, these programs are typically highly customized. Our goal is to meet your needs and co-create a program that works for you and your team.

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Team Building & Facilitation

Want to move your team from storming to performing? Pivot Point can work with you to help remove barriers and conflicts, increase effectiveness, and establish healthy communication practices. We can also serve as a facilitator for your team meetings or help you plan engaging and memorable events that everyone will want to attend!

Similar to our Leadership Development services, the Team Building & Facilitation services are highly customized to meet your needs. They can be as simple as helping you facilitate your team meeting or event or can include full event planning and management services.


Coaching Specifics

Coaching can be done in-person or remotely, and works in both 1-on-1 and group settings. Coaching services may be purchased by an individual or sponsored by your company. However, specific details of the coaching conversations are always held in the strictest confidence. Any information made available to a sponsoring company will be discussed up front and agreed upon by all parties.

Our Basic and Optional coaching services include the following:

Basic Coaching Includes

  • An introductory conversation to establish rapport, answer questions, and explore personal coaching goals.
  • A 2-hour information gathering session with the coach to clarify the client's current situation, coaching issue, tentative goals, and for the coach to begin assessing the best approach for helping the client meet their goals.
  • Access to the coach throughout the duration of the coaching relationship, including email, voicemail and conversations for coaching on issues and opportunities as needs arise. Coaching conversations can be in person, via telephone, or via webconferencing (Skype, FaceTime, etc.).
  • Defined purpose and outcomes (measurable coaching goals) agreed upon by coach and client. This forms the basis of the coaching program.
  • A customized coaching program delivered by the coach in a 1-1.5 hour coaching meeting specifically for this purpose. The program includes: purpose, specific goals/outcomes, self-observation exercises to increase awareness, practices to embody new competencies and behaviors, and additional resources to help the client reach their coaching goals.
  • Ten to twelve on-going coaching meetings (after the initial program has been delivered) over the course of 4-6 months. The coach and client schedule based upon mutual availability, and typically last 1 hour, every 2 weeks.
  • A follow-up coaching conversation approximately 6 months after coaching ends.
  • Materials, books, CDs, DVDs etc. recommended for program completion.

Additional (Optional) Coaching with 360° Review Includes

  • Feedback from the client's immediate supervisor including strengths and improvement areas. Feedback is gathered by the coach in an interview.
  • Additional 360° feedback through interviews with peers, direct reports, or others as identified by the coach and client.
  • Monthly group coaching session with topics impacting the entire group.

Please contact us for additional details and pricing information.